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Solution to impure argon gas

(1) Reasons for impure argon

Argon is an inert gas that is widely used in many industrial and experimental applications. However, due to the preparation and storage of argon may be affected by various factors, such as pipe aging, cylinder aging, improper operation and storage, etc., resulting in impure argon, the main reasons include the following aspects:

1. Source impurity: In the manufacturing process of argon, if the raw material or gas source itself has impurities or low purity, these impurities will be brought into the argon during the manufacturing process, resulting in impure argon.

2. Improper transportation: Some improper transportation and storage methods can lead to impure argon, such as aging of transportation pipes and leakage of seals.

3. Using old equipment: When using old equipment such as gas cylinders and oxygen flow meters, sediments or corrosion in these equipment may be brought into the argon gas, resulting in impure argon gas.


II. Solutions for impure argon

For the reason of argon impurity, we can use the following methods to solve it:

1. Using gas chromatographic analysis

Gas chromatography is a commonly used analytical method, which can determine which impurities are present in argon by gas chromatography analysis of argon, and then select suitable purification methods for different impurities.

2. Install Precision Filters

When using argon, we can consider installing some precision filters in the gas pipeline to filter impurities and improve the purity of argon.

3. Perform required purification operations

For different impurities, we can choose different purification methods. For example, for oxygen impurities, we can remove oxygen in the argon gas by the method of deoxidizer; For water molecules, we can use molecular sieves to adsorb water molecules.2023711

In summary, impure argon is a common problem, but by choosing the right solution and taking appropriate precautions, we can guarantee the purity of argon, thereby ensuring the stable performance and effect of argon in industry and experiments.

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