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Knowledge of argon gas purifier

The use of argon purification machine precautions

The use of argon purification machine precautions:

Whether it is a manual operation or a fully automatic mode of argon purification machine, the following general precautions:

1, please check whether the power outlet is effectively connected to the ground wire, metal shell equipment requires forced grounding, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock.

2, please check the power socket-phase line, zero line and cleaning machine phase line (L), zero line (N) is consistent. If it is not consistent, please change the same connection before inserting the power socket to boot, otherwise there will be a risk of burning the purifier.

3, the argon purifier can only purify argon, prohibit the passage of other heterogeneous gases, otherwise it may cause catalyst poisoning, and the passage of oxygen or oxidizing gases may burn the equipment.


Yian SAIDI automatic touch screen argon purifier work regeneration automatically completed, what are the precautions?

1, automatic touch screen argon purifier is a renewable purification device, when the adsorbent adsorbed impurities saturated, you can use the equipment itself to purify the high purity argon on the system back purge, we call it regeneration, regeneration after the adsorbent to restore activity.

Regeneration is divided into automatic regeneration and artificial forced regeneration, and the time and cycle of automatic regeneration are also controlled by the programmable controller, but in some special cases such as: when the quality deviation of the raw material gas is too large or the customer analysis workload is particularly large, the argon purifier is overloaded. May also lead to equipment in the regeneration soon after the same adsorbent loss of activity, at this time, press the device on the touch screen of the strong "artificial switch" button, the same can play a role in regeneration. However, it is generally not recommended that customers use the manual regeneration function.5.jpeg

2, when the argon purifier works normally, when the system shows regeneration, please do not click the [Stop] button and turn off the cylinder gas source, the regeneration time is 9 hours, and so on, when the regeneration is completed, you can click [Stop] when showing [A Road (B Road) Standby]. If the power switch is turned off in the regeneration state, the argon purifier will continue to regenerate after restarting. If the cylinder gas source is shut off in the regeneration state, the argon purifier regeneration will have no effect.

3, when the argon gas purifier is used for 2 years, open the front panel and blow the dust inside the equipment with compressed air, which can extend the service life of the electrical appliance.

4, when clicking [artificial switch] or the system normal regeneration, the system will automatically discharge the regeneration tower pressure, artificial audible exhaust sound, exhaust time about 30 seconds, such as more than 1 minute, please contact Chengdu Yian Saidi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

5, during the regeneration of argon purification machine, purge regeneration tower requires a certain flow rate of argon, SAIDI company factory has been based on the user spectrometer brand used by the pressure set the flow, the flow meter shows about 0.6L / M. The operator can also pay attention to it.

(6) Whether the gas is impure for any reason, the catalytic regenerative argon purifier can improve the purity by repeated regeneration. For example: the first day at 10: 00 select I road system work, the II road system regeneration, II road system regeneration time of 9 hours after the end of the II road system cooling to room temperature roughly 13 hours. At 10am the next day, the II Road system has been cooling to room temperature, and we have chosen the II Road system to work, and the I Road system is regenerated. Generally, this can be repeated one or two times to meet the purity requirements.8.jpeg

7, if repeated regeneration still can not improve the purity of the gas, there may be two reasons: 1, the impurity content of the raw gas is too high, exceeding the allowable amount of source gas impurities of the argon purifier. Please change the original gas. Check whether the catalyst is exhausted, this operation needs to be cooled to room temperature in the catalytic tower, slowly unscrew the catalyst cover, use a clean wire to detect how much catalyst there is, if it is less than 1 / 2 of the tower body, add catalyst. Generally, the catalyst is not considered in the first three years.

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