Argon gas purifier
Argon gas purifier for Spark Spectrometer and ICP-OES Spectrometer-Argon gas purifier

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Knowledge of argon gas purifier

Overview of Gas Purification

1 What is a gas purifier?

Simply speaking, it is a device used to remove impurities and pollutants in the gas.

It is mainly applied to

. In the industries of LED / laser, solar PV and other industries, for example, the following process sections will use the gas after the separation:

The process of the device preparation includes the following steps: Extension, Proliferation, MCVD, Ion Injection, Plasma Dry Etching, Photoletching, Heating, Laps and Sintering

. Optical fiber industry: terminal purification of protective nitrogen and helium

. Gas station: purification of gas source

. Cold rolling industry: purification of protective nitrogen

. Chemical industry: deO2, H2O and H2O for N, H, gas / liquid phase hydrocarbals0b168db2c653b5250c23fa96b2230f1.jpeg

2, Introduction of gas purifier equipment

From a macro point of view, the purifier equipment is the use of adsorption, catalysis, suction, low-temperature adsorption and other physical and chemical technologies to achieve the purpose of removing specific impurities in the gas.

A good purification equipment needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Safety

The purifier is essentially a high temperature, high pressure, dangerous gas operation equipment, so the safety requirements are extremely high.

2. High purity

It can achieve ppm and ppb level gas cleaning, but there are many factors that affect it:

. Temperature fluctuations

. Pressure fluctuations

. Flow fluctuations

. Metal impurities

. Residual gas in blind path

. External vibration

3. High reliability

Generally, it is not overhauled for more than 10 years, and offline maintenance of the purifier may cause system pollution and long recovery time, so the requirements for high reliability are also high.

4. Ability to deal with unexpected situations

If the raw material impurities exceed the standard, power failure, water interruption and other accidents occur in the production process, the gas quality at the rear end of the purifier can be guaranteed as much as possible.


3,Gas purification method

For different gases, the purification methods are not the same:

In general, it can be divided into the following approaches:

①. Physical adsorption

②. Chemisorption

③. The Geter Gas Method (The Cleaning of Ar, He, H)

④. Catalytic (mainly removal of methane from nitrogen and oxygen)

⑤. Cryogenic adsorption (purification of hydrogen and helium)

⑥. Palladium membrane process (purification of hydrogen)

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