Argon gas purifier
Argon gas purifier for Spark Spectrometer and ICP-OES Spectrometer-Argon gas purifier

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Knowledge of argon gas purifier

Argon gas purifier for optical emission spectrometers

The argon gases are obtained from using different methods and afterward transfer to tankers or cylinders to distribute among various applications. The argon gases in every step of production, transfer and distribution might be contaminated by oxygen, nitrogen, moisture, or other impurities.


Yian Sadie brand automatic touch screen argon purifier is the choice of nearly a thousand users. It is a fully automatic touch screen era that brings argon purifier into man-machine exchange, and truly liberates operators. In other manufacturers automatic touch screen is still in the research and development stage, our equipment to the market has been a few years down, the simplicity of the equipment, stability and purification capacity has been praised by users.   The new microcontroller circuit with LCD display screen and pressure sensor is further improved, which breaks the traditional design concept, improves the operation and appearance, and redefines the new generation of high purity gas purifier.7.jpeg

EA series argon purifier self-developed special control device, removable modular structure, master the core technology of gas valve and control system,   The new appearance of the purifier makes the operating convenience and maintainability of the purifier significantly improved. The maintenance and replacement of wearing parts are more convenient. The appearance is more natural and refreshing. The parameters are dynamically displayed and set on the touch screen, and the operation mode of one click to start completely liberates the operator.

The company focuses on research and production of automatic touchscreen argon purifier with major brands at home and abroad spark direct reading spectrograph, ICP spectrograph supporting, enhance the reliability and stability of analytical data.Yian Sadie argon purifier is used to meet the requirementsof metallurgy laboratories for spark optical emission spectrometry for the metal analysis, inductively coupled plasma analysis and gas chromatography analysis as carrier gas with high purity, flushing/filling vacuum chambers for keeping at near atmospheric pressure and the 3D metal printing process which takes place in an inert protective gas atmosphere for manufacturing metallic components.微信图片_20240206150256.jpg

The argon gas purifier system for any type of optical emission spectrometers.

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