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The Reason of White Spot in Direct Reading Spectrometer

There are several reasons for the occurrence of the excitation white point in the direct reading spectrometer:

(1) Argon flushing time is not enough: If the argon purity in the excitation gas chamber is not enough, the excitation point will be white.6b8a029d69ad8387e1c2507d402eb3a.jpg

(2) Whether the argon exhaust is smooth: the argon gas path is not smooth, which will lead to insufficient gas to the gas chamber, resulting in white spots.

(3) Argon purity is not enough: Direct-reading spectrometer is required for the purity of argon, requiring argon purity of 99.999%, which can be used together with argon   gas purifier to avoid excitation of white point due to insufficient argon purity.

(4) The sample has trachoma or crack or uneven surface, and also can cause excitation white point.6b8a029d69ad8387e1c2507d402eb3a.jpg

(5) Whitening: Samples with high C and Si elements need to be whitened, and if the treatment is not good, it will lead to exciting white points, and accurate values cannot be measured.

When the white spot appears in the direct-reading spectrometer, it is necessary to deal with the cause in time. So as not to cause inaccurate data, thus affecting the use of the spectrometer.

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