Argon gas purifier
Argon gas purifier for Spark Spectrometer and ICP-OES Spectrometer-Argon gas purifier

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Knowledge of argon gas purifier

Argon gas purifier for ICP-OES / ICP-MS spectrometer

The quality of argon gas in ICP spectrometer directly affects the importance and reproducibility of the measured data.

The effect of argon impurity on ICP is mainly manifested in the following aspects:821255684746601556.jpg

1, oxygen, moisture, dust particle concentration exceeds the standard, causing the instrument may be unsuccessful ignition, even if the ignition is successful, it will damage your gas path, pipeline, and even burn out the torch;

2, excessive impurities in argon may damage the gas control module and detector, and more water may damage the detector cooled below -45 ° C.

3, the impurities in argon exceed the standard, but also affect the determination of deep ultraviolet spectrum: such as Al167, P177, for the accuracy of the test results is also worth considering;2a24218e47fbc6f73da3a28b40410a7.jpg

With the argon gas purifier, not only can the gas purity be improved to filter the dust, but also the gas quality will not change with climate change. Besides, the rectangular pipe fittings are thousands, the gas control box and detector have to be tens of thousands to more than 100,000, and the argon purity guarantee will also protect these spare parts, which will also extend the life of the ICP equipment in disguise.


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