Argon gas purifier
Argon gas purifier for Spark Spectrometer and ICP-OES Spectrometer-Argon gas purifier

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Product Detail

Argon gas Purifier EA3000


Argon gas purifier


EA3000 is the best-selling fully-automatic touchscreen argon purifier specific to OES (direct-reading spectrometer) and ICP. Based on the further innovation and upgrading of manual and semi-automatic argon purifiers, it realizes the perfect combination of advanced technology, exquisite design and powerful functions.

With flow rate up to 4NM3/h, EA3000 can provide the best integrated independent argon purification solution for high-performance OES, ICP and other laboratory applications with high requirements for performance and stability.

EA3000 adopts the combination of physical adsorption and catalytic reaction and has the advantages of long service life, high purification depth and strong resistance to instantaneous fluctuation of feed gas.


l It has high catalyst activity and low working temperature, and the high purity argon can be obtained by purifying the bottled pure argon with this machine, which can reduce the cost for users.

l With dual structure, one unit works while the other unit is standby for regeneration, so that it can realize long-term continuous gas supply.

l It adopts the regeneration process of pure gas purge of the machine, and does not use hydrogen for regeneration, so it does not need special machine room, with good safety.

l It adopts LCD touch screen, and the pressure and temperature can be detected online on touch screen through sensor. The work and regeneration cycle of the system can be adjusted according to the actual usage amount of users, which is beneficial to save gas source.

l It adopts automatic switching function for work and regeneration and doesn’t need manual operation, and the performance is more stable and reliable, thus avoiding the pollution caused by users’ wrong operation to the system.

l With the principle of stage purification, the impurities such as O2, H2O and CO2 in argon can be removed in advance before deep purification, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment.                     

l The equipment is internally provided with alarm system of overtemperature, overpressure and heating protection so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.


l Purification of argon, used for arc/spark photoelectric emission spectrographic analysis.

l Purification of argon and helium carrier gas, used for gas chromatography.

l Purification of argon and helium, used for inert gas shielding.

l Any other purposes requiring gas purity and reliability.

Equipment model


Original gas requirements

Purity ≥99.9%   O2<1000ppm; H2O<1000ppm

Pure gas

Gas type

Pure gas>99.9995%





S, P oxide



Argon and other noble gases








Working pressure


Maximum gas pressure difference


Built-in particle filter

Built-in 0.03um high efficiency filter, number of particle with outlet particle size 0.3um <3-5 /L

Rated gas flow rate


Gas inlet/outlet connector

VCR connector

Equipment external dimensions

About 360mm×560mm×1000mm


A: representing gas type; processing capacity is designed according to user requirements